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*For items specified as stainless steel, ignore rust precautions.​

These are high-end knives and kitchen tools but like all things high-end, they require some simple care and maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking beautiful. We highly recommend washing by hand with warm water and dish soap right after use . If you're trying to preserve a beautiful patina or polish, use a soft sponge. Dry immediately and dry it very well. If you live in a humid area, we recommend putting food grade oil on the exposed steel during storage to prevent rust. Never soak any of our products in liquid and never wash them in a dishwasher or high heat. It is recommended to use a wood cutting board when using our kitchen knives to help preserve the edge. To keep the handle protected and looking fresh, we recommend using a product called Axe Wax. Axe Wax is a great protectant for your handle, blade and other steel and wood items.


High carbon steel is prone to rusting easily if it is left wet or damp without an oil or wax on it due to the high level of carbon in the steel. Humidity can cause quick rusting on unprotected steel. The reason for using high carbon steels is because carbon allows for a sharper edge. The more carbon, the sharper the edge can be.

The best way to sharpen your knives is with 400 grit and 1000 grit flat sharpening stones, not pull-through sharpeners! Pull-through sharpeners can change the angle of the edge keeping it from getting as sharp and keeping it from holding a sharp edge. Leather strops and ceramic honing rods are a great way to maintain a sharp edge but you must use the honing rods properly. We recommend watching some videos on sharpening.

Please email us with any questions you have!

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